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The Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC) is a government entity focused on the development of human capital in the science and technology sectors. By creating a skilled innovative workforce to drive the UAE’s knowledge-based economy, TDC is playing a crucial role in enabling the realization of the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision and the UAE Innovation Strategy.

TDC encourages the study of STEM and empowers and supports the society to become active in science and technology based industries with the aim to ultimately shape a future workforce equipped with the right talent and aptitude for innovation.

To achieve this, TDC closely collaborates and partners with government, academia and leading industry to inspire creativity and encourage innovation within the community. TDC has established a holistic set of initiatives that spark interest and drive engagement in STEM related subjects with children from an early age, nurture their inquisitiveness with continuous mentoring and support that extends beyond equipping them for the job market.

TDC’s aim is to empower the future generation to drive a sustainable tomorrow for Abu Dhabi and to help position the UAE amongst the most innovative nations in the world.

TDC’s initiatives include:

  • INNOVATOR Programme
  • Takamul Programme
  • The Abu Dhabi Science Center
  • The Abu Dhabi Science Festival
  • lema? Science School Outreach Program


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